lawrence-glick“Suzanne Summers is one of the most talented, driven and accomplished professionals in the industry.  I have known her personally and professionally for many years, she doesn’t take no for an answer and is able to think outside the box and exceeds all expectations.”

- Larry Glick, Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Trump Organization

Bari Lynne Novak“Suzanne Summers always delivers and in my book  is considered an A-lister in the world of PR professionals. She will go to the ends of the earth for her clients.”

- Bari Lynne Novak, Senior Media Supervisor, Entertainment Tonight/The Insider

Mary Pamlieri“When I first met Suzanne Summers, I was instantly drawn into her infectious energy. It is this innate energy she possesses that makes Suzanne the quintessential PR star! Her work ethic and ability to brainstorm such fabulous ideas, causes Suzanne to stand out from the mass of PR people. Suzanne’s energy, superb skills, and diverse high- profile experience, allows her to land incredible exposure, for the brands, companies, and people she represents. I always look forward to collaborating with Suzanne and if you want to elevate your brand to the next level, you should too!”

- Mary Palmieri, United Business Media, Health & Beauty Expo, Vogue Magazine

“Suzanne was an integral part of launching Dr. Loretta with Macy’s. She gained brand awareness with media exposure through her numerous PR relationships and successfully featured products in countless industry periodicals. Her tireless efforts extended beyond the normal scope of PR and included order recommendations, sales analysis, and product procurement. She also hosted in-store events to support the launch, which resulted in positive sales. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion are evident to all businesses that collaborate with her.”

- Taryn Flynn, Cosmetics/Accessories Buyer, Macy’s

“Suzanne knows the ins and outs of PR and marketing like no one I have ever worked with. She puts everything on the line to ensure the success of the brand she represents. I am inspired by her eagerness and willingness to think out of the box and collaborate with business partners. She is a pleasure to work with.”

 - David Olsen, VP Business Development, DermStore, LLC/Intelligent Beauty

“Having worked in the corporate beauty world for many years from Revlon to indie prestige brands, I can spot talent when I see it.  Within less than one year of hiring Suzanne Summers to launch a prestige skin care line she was able to secure celebrity endorsements, land press placements in top media publications, and position our brand for retail. Suzanne stays on top of trends in the industry and her “outside of the box” thinking is second to none. Suzanne works fast, has the connections to make things happen, and more importantly is driven solely by passion.”

                                – Jonathan G. Fenster, Chief Operating Officer, CosMedical Technologies, Inc.

Glen Surnamer“Suzanne brings a unique approach and passion to her work. Collaborative and team oriented, she always puts the needs of the organization ahead of her short term personal gain. Suzanne is an entrepreneur through and through with great vision and creativity. Her energy is infectious and trans formative.”

- Glen Surnamer, COO at Bookigee, Inc.

Andrea Fairweather-Bailey “Having exposure to countless PR professionals in the industry, Suzanne is a breathe of fresh air. She is fierce, she delivers– but more importantly she has access to take a product from conception to launch. She thinks outside the box and her talent clearly stems from her passion for her business. In short, she is a cheerleader for her clients. Her energy is limitless!”

– Andrea Fairweather-Bailey, Good Morning America Celebrity Makeup Artist

Sharon Gault“Suzanne is a cut above the rest, she is dialed into the beauty industry, she understands the business and gets results fast.”

– Sharon Gault, Iconic Celebrity Makeup Artist

Darcy Bonfils“You are both wonderful, incredible and, for me, life-changing!
I so appreciate your professionalism, warmth and hospitality! Last night was amazing!
You both are so good at what you do!
And for that I am FOREVER grateful!

Thanks again!!”

– Darcy Bonfils, Producer, Good Morning America

Micaela English“You are a ray of sunshine.”

– Micaela English, Town & Country Magazine

“I have known Steve Summers for a number of years. Steve is a very astute business person and has great integrity.”

– Bert Cutino, Co-Founder, Sardine Factory Restaurant & Co-Founder, Cannery Row Management Company

“Each year our Motor Club Event attracts more than 10,000 visitors to the Monterey Peninsula. Working from my office in Atlanta creates the challenge of coordinating a variety of details for this event from a distance.  Steve, in a professional and timely manner, handles many of our most critical needs. I highly recommend Steve Summers, and let me say on a personal level, you could not wish to meet a more honorable and fine young man.”

– Douglas S. Freedman, Atlanta, Georgia